Troopers warn neighbors in Baldwinsville to lock car doors after recent break-ins

Police warn neighbors to lock car doors

LYSANDER, NY -- State Police are urging people in Lysander to keep their doors locked after a sting of car break-ins in the area. Police say as many as 11 unlocked cars have been targeted by thieves in the area of Holly Hill and Abbott Landing.

Tom Direnzo has lived in Lysander for 20 years. He says things have been pretty quiet, but the last few days he's been left with an unsettling feeling after his car was rummaged through as it was parked in his driveway along Dunderry Heights.

"I was on my way to work and opened the door and noticed the center console had been emptied out and the glove box had been emptied out and the first thing you do is look around and say did this just happen," said Direnzo.

Tom admits he leaves his car unlocked and because of that, he does not leave valuables in his car. So nothing was taken, but he's still concerned.

"I feel violated a little bit and I find that other neighbors have had the same thing happened to them I think they probably feel the same way," said Direnzo.

Like other neighbors, Tom says he's now thinking twice about keeping all his doors locked.

"I'm going to put up motion detectors, more of a security system check to make sure all my locks are not as easy to get into anymore and putting up barriers and a camera," said Direnzo.

State Police are still investigating these car break-ins and urge people with any information to call 315-638-8200.

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