Truck spraying announced for Cicero Swamp to fight EEE

Truck spraying has been announced for areas around the Cicero Swamp after recent testing of six mosquito pools tested positive for EEE.

The spraying is scheduled for Monday, August 18 and Tuesday, August 19, weather permitting.

â??While we know that mosquito counts are down after our July 22 spraying, the continued presence of EEE is a serious public health threat and it needs to be treated as such,â?? said County Executive Joanie Mahoney. â??For this additional round of spraying, we are using a different application method, one that will better focus on the problem areas without affecting the larger community.â??

That method is truck spraying. This will allow for the pesticide to be specifically targeted to the trouble areas, according to health department officials.

The pesticide used in the spraying will be Anvil, a pesticide registered with the EPA and the New York State Division of Environmental Conservation for use.

You can read more about the pesticide here.

The health department recommends that, during spraying, residents in the affected areas:

-Stay indoors and keep windows closed for one hour after your area has been sprayed

-Keep pets indoors if possible

-Cover outdoor gardens and rinse vegetables before eating

-Set your window air conditioner(s) to circulate indoor air. It is safe to use your central air conditioning

-Remove childrenâ??s toys that are outdoors, any outdoor furniture, and clothes from outdoor clotheslines

-If toys or clothes have been left outdoors, wash each thoroughly with soap and water before using and launder clothes before wearing

-If you are driving during the spraying, close your car windows and vents

The health department also recommends you do everything possible to keep from being bitten by mosquitoes.

This includes using insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535. They also recommend eliminating standing water on your property, if possible.