TSA Pre-Check program speeds security screening at Hancock Airport

Thursday Syracuse became the latest city, and only city in Central and Northern New York, to offer the popular TSA Pre-Check program at Hancock International Airport. Already in use among major airports across the country, travelers participating in the program will be able to use specially designated security lanes and won't have to pass through the stringent screening measures applied to most travelers. "If you have been cleared as a Pre-Check passenger you won't have to remove your belt, you won't have to take your shoes off or remove your laptop from its case," explained Commisioner of Aviation Christina Callahan. "The goal of this is to get people through the screening process more quickly and efficiently." Travelers can find out more information about the program by visiting Passengers can apply by filling out an online application and providing supplemental personal information for a background check. An interview is also required so anyone looking to enroll should allow several weeks for the application process. Many business travelers have been pleasantly surprised to find that they have already received TSA Pre-Check status through their airline's frequent flier program. "It was simple," said Gary Ratliff, who travels in and out of Hancock Airport on a weekly basis. "United actually did it for me. I was at the San Francisco airport one day and they told me I was pre-approved so I've been enjoying it ever since then." Once approved to participate, travelers will find a special TSA Pre-Check logo on their boarding pass and can use TSA Pre-Check lanes at more than 40 participating airports across the country.