Tully community finds comfort in each other at St. Leo's Church vigil mass

Vigil mass held at St. Leo's Church in Tully to pray for Newtown shooting victims.

St. Leo's Church in Tully had a mass vigil Saturday morning to provide the community with an opportunity to pray following Friday's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Police say 20-Year-Old Adam Lanza opened fire at the Newtown, CT school, killing 27 people, including 20 children.

Families gathered in Tully to mourn together and console each other. Amy Shetler came with her 17 year old daughter Grace Shetler and her mother, Jeanette Shepardson.

"That's really all we can do right now is just pray to god and help those parents and the community there. And show the world that there is good in this world," says Stetler.

Shepardson says the loss became real when she thought about her grandchildren.

"My heart just became very, very heavy," says Shepardson.

Grace Shetler, a senior at Tully High School, says she first heard about the shooting while at school.

"It was very devastating when I heard it. Seeing the families out there," says Shetler.

Shetler was one of many children attending the service, reminding the congregation of the young and innocent targets of the attack.

At the end of the mass was an emotional and symbolic moment. A young boy walks down the aisle with Father Jim Carey, carrying a white candle.

"It really was a physical reminder of just how innocent the lives of those children are and how it's so wrong," says Shetler.

Father Carey says it's a tragedy this nation will likely never completely recover from.

"I don't think we ever recover. We just integrate it into our lives," says Father Carey.

The parents, grandparents, and children are just starting to come to terms with the horror and heartbreak, joining the country in the first step of what seems like an impossible process: healing.