TV Host Jim Reith to Laurie Fine - Don't do it

One hour before he started his new live daily television show on WCNY-TV, host Jim Reith was speaking out on one of the biggest scandals to hit Central New York ever.

Reith, appearing live on CBS 5 at 5:30, told anchor Michael Benny he does not think it is a good idea for Laurie Fine to be holding a news conference later this week.

Reith told Benny, "If I were her PR person, I would say don't do it."

Reith also explained how he feels Laurie Fine might be compelled to speak out 6 months after the scandal invovling allegations of sexual abuse against her husband first surfaced. "I will say that her reputation has been dragged through the mud, but I think Bernie has been smart about this to say nothing at all."

Meantime, the website Deadspin, which covers sports, gossip, and more, took a sarcastic jab at a typo on the original annoucement about the Laurie Fine event which came from her attorney.

The news release indicated the event would be at 11 p.m. Deadspin wrote, "Fine's lawyer, Lawrence Fisher, told us that was a typo. She'll be speaking at 11 a.m. Which is a shame, because, from what we've heard, Laurie Fine would be a real blast after dark in a castle."