Twins with MD are being allowed to participate in Caz July 4th race

Willis Twins with Team 2 Smiles

The Willis twins, who were told they could not participate in the Fourth of July race in Cazenovia, are being allowed to race after all, according to Kristen Roe, a member of Team 2 Smiles.

Jack and Nolan Willis and the rest of Team 2 Smiles will gather at the Cazenovia High School to start the race at 8:30, which is 15 minutes ahead of the other runners.

The organizers of the race, the Syracuse Chargers Track Club, offered a detailed explanation on how they came to their decision, which cited safety concerns as the primary reason behind the denial.

The issue was in the description of the vehicle that would carry the Willis twins, which was described as a â??large baby stroller.â?? Baby strollers are prohibited, but there is no ban on wheelchairs in the race.

We have contacted the spokesman for the Syracuse Chargers Track Club for their reasoning behind the change of their decision, but have not heard back yet.