Two construction workers in Ithaca airlifted after a fall down elevator shaft

Two construction workers were injured after scaffolding collapsed in Ithaca around 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Police say they responded to the Fairfield Inn at 359 Elmira Road, which is under construction, after a call of two people injured from a fall.

The workers fell four stories down an elevator shaft after scaffolding collapsed through the floor they were standing on, causing them to fall into the elevator shaft.

The Ithaca Fire Department and Bangs Ambulance personnel on scene pulled the workers out of the elevator shaft. The workers were airlifted to regional trauma centers after they were treated on the scene. Police say the two construction workers are brick layers.

The Ithaca Building Department is investigating the cause of the collapse and injuries. One is listed in critical condition while the other is listed in stable condition.