Two Cortlandville residents arrested for animal cruelty

Two residents in the Town of Cortlandville are arrested for animal abuse.

The Cortland County SPCA Law Enforcement Department says 55 year old Kenneth VanVliet and 51 year old JoAnn Case, the owners of 3 cats and one dog, were arrested for torturing and injuring the animals. They're also charged with failing to provide food and water to two of the cats and the dog for more than 24 hours.

Case is charged with a separate count of animal cruelty for an incident that happened at the couple's previous residence. The investigation determined Case failed to provide food and water, as well as veterinary treatment to a severely injured cat.

VanVliet and Case are scheduled to appear in Town of Cortlandville court on April 8. Case is also ordered to appear in the City of Cortland court on April 10 for the animal cruelty charge.