Two dogs tie the knot Saturday in Jamesville

Tiger and Sconset

We told you this spring about a case of serious puppy love. So serious, that the owners of two dogs have arranged a marriage. On Saturday, Tiger and Sconset will tie the knot in an early evening ceremony.

Helena Axelrod is hosting the dog wedding as a way to enjoy a little light hearted happiness this summer. It is also a benefit for Matt Mulcahy's Shamrock Animal Fund. Guests are asked to make a donation in lieu of a wedding gift. Anyone can donate in the name of Tiger and Sconset by clicking here and clicking on How to Donate.

Tiger and Sconset are two dogs preparing to take their wedding vows in Jamesville during a Saturday ceremony. Yes, they are two dogs and the owners say they are madly in love.

"It's not just puppy love. They really do love each other," said Tiger's owner Helena Axelrod. Helena said it's been that way since Tiger and Sconset met as puppies two years ago. Sconset belongs to Helena's son and his girlfriend Anna Montgomery.