Two good Samaritans credited with saving the life of Utica Police officer struggling with armed burglary suspect

Ronald Flagg

A Utica Police Officer says he owes his life to two men who helped him contain a burglary suspect who had a handgun.

On Thursday at about 10 am, Officer John Lomonico was called to a house alarm on Lexington Place in Utica.

When officer Lomonico arrived on the scene, he went to the back of the home and saw a person with his legs sticking out of a window. When the man exited the window, the officer reported that the suspect had a mini crow bar in one hand and a white bag in another. Officer Lomonico tried to stop the suspect, 43-year-old Ronald Flagg, but Flagg ran. After a short foot chase, Lomonico tackled Flagg and a struggle ensued.

Stanley Markis, of Etters, PA, noticed the struggle and asked the officer if he needed help. As he approached, Markis noticed that Flagg had a handgun. He pried the gun from Flaggâ??s hand, knocking it to the ground. All three men then began to struggle, as Flagg was reaching for the handgun, which was loose on the ground, police say. Markis was able to kick the gun away, at which time Flagg reportedly tried to pry Officer Lomonicoâ??s service weapon out of its holster.

Jack Carter, of Utica, came to help the officer and Markis in the struggle, and collectively they were able to control Flagg and cuff him.

Flagg is charged with criminal possession of a weapon, two counts of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration.

Police say the handgun Flagg had, a loaded .38 caliber semi-automatic, was reported stolen from New Harford.

The investigation is ongoing, and more charges could be brought against Flagg.

Officer Lomonico was treated for a knee injury at the hospital, and credited Markis and Carter for saving his life.