Two new Aldi locations open Thursday, giving shoppers new options

Aldi grocery store in Fayetteville.

On Thursday morning, shoppers will be able to start shopping at two new Aldi locations in Onondaga County.

On the Route 5 corridor in Fayetteville, a select group of shoppers were able to get an early view of the store. Both the Aldi in Fayetteville and the store off of the 81 ramp in Cicero will open to all shoppers Thursday morning.

One of the shoppers out in Fayetteville was Carroll Grant. She came to this Aldi because it is right next to her home. "Well it's nice, it's nice to have this available on this side of the street so as I'm driving home I can just slip in and get some milk or whatever I need or some fresh fruit and vegetables, so it's good I'm pleased," says Grant.

Susan Gilbert is no stranger to checking out at Aldi. She was very happy with the property being made into something which is aesthetically pleasing after seeing it take over a gas station which closed 15 years ago. "I

t's very easy to shop, it's very streamlined, it's neat. They're not a lot of superfluous things so it's very easy to go in and get through your list and be on your way, so I like that.

More than 60,000 cars drive through the Route 5 corridor each and every day. Aldi says people are more likely on their way home from work. The property was available on the on the side of the road neighbors are driving through, this was on reason Aldi was attracted to this location.

Charlotte Richards is a district manager with Aldi. "I think it was an underdeveloped area, something that needed to be boosted up. Obviously we felt an Aldi was needed in this area," says Richards.

The store keeps costs lower by charging for bags, skipping a deli and limiting store hours. This gives Central New York Shoppers an alternative to Price Chopper, Tops and Wegmans.

Chris Lupinski is the Store Manager in Fayetteville. "Hopefully we're gonna have a line and we're gonna be busy all day. There's a lot of customers who said they'll be back early in the morning and later in the day, so hopefully we'll have a store full," says Lupinski.