Two new State Fair exhibits bring excitement, and an element of cool

Ice bar at the State Fair

If youâ??re looking to cool off indoors at the Great New York State Fair there are two new exhibits that can help you do just that.

The Ice Museum has more than 70 tons of ice sculptures inside a giant insulated tent. World champion ice sculptor Stan Kolonko from Auburn says it took a team of ice sculptors more than a month to carve the intricate sculptures inside the museum.

"The artwork here is not your normal buffet sculptures intricate well planned designs. The ice bar, stools, all the sculptures throughout the whole thing, the railings everything is made from ice," he says.

Also new this year: The U.S. Army Special Operations Command has trailer filled with high tech simulators that let visitors see and feel what itâ??s like to drive a Humvee, fly a helicopter and even jump out of a plane.

Mark Burns with U.S. Army Recruiting Command says visitors to the simulator will get to use the same equipment that Special Operation Forces use every day.

"A lot of this stuff came right out of the army's inventory they just modified it for simulators so its real world items we have here," he says.