Two suspects on the loose after hit and run in Syracuse

Two suspects ran away after a hit and run at the intersection of Scoville Avenue and Helen Street

Syracuse police are looking for two suspects who ran away from the scene of a car crash just before 10 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Police say a white sedan ran through a stop sign at the intersection of Scoville Avenue and Helen Street near the Sedgwick neighborhood on Syracuse's north side and crashed into the side of a pick-up truck.

The truck then hit the front of the house at 514 Helen Street. The house escaped with hardly any damage, but the front end of the truck caved in from the impact. The side of the truck is also caved in from being hit by the car.

The white sedan ended up on the curb with heavy damage to its front end. According to police, there were two people in the car, but they got out of the car and took off after the crash.

Police say there were no injuries from the accident..

Syracuse police are talking with neighbors to learn more information to help in the search for the driver and passenger of the white car.

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