Two Syracuse corner stores closed in third round of inspections

Signs posted on a corner store closed in the second round of inspections

Five corner stores across the City of Syracuse were the subject of a third round of surprise inspections on Wednesday.

Mayor Stephanie Miner says two of the stores have been shuttered due code violations. The three other stores were cited for minor violations and remain open.

"We have now seen three successful rounds of this crackdown on corner stores," said Mayor Miner. "This effort is vitally important to our neighborhoods as we work to proactively address health and safety issues on our streets."

The two stores shuttered by City officials were Extra Kleen Foods on Hawley Avenue and Green Front Market on Avery Avenue.

The City says Extra Kleen Foods was closed for a hot water tank venting back into the building, open sewer connections, open electrical wiring, non-compliant fire suppression system, and no fire protection for food preparation. Additionally, the rear exit door was blocked and could not be opened, which had been the subject of previous citations.

Green Front Market was closed due to open and live exterior wiring, open electrical panels, non-permitted wiring in the basement, non-compliant fire extinguishers, an improperly connected hot water tank with improperly secured venting, and no exit signage, official say.

The three other stores, which were cited for minor violations and remain open, are Alâ??s Market on Hawley Avenue, Bawliâ??s Market on Butternut Avenue, and Dullyâ??s Express Mart on Second North Street.

The first round of inspections

targeted ten corner stores. O
ne store was closed and others had an opportunity to fix violations.

The second round closed three corner stores.