Tyre holds town meeting to discuss Seneca County casino proposal

A public hearing was held Thursday in the Town of Tyre so developers could lay out a plan for a casino to the town board and the public.

The developer, Wilmorite, hopes it will become one of the four privately owned casinos in upstate New York.

The fire hall was full of people for and against the project, but the majority of people present wore shirts in support of the casino.

Supporters also stood along the road before the meeting wanting the 1,800 permanent jobs and 1,200 construction jobs the developer said the casino would bring.

They also support the lower taxes that the project could bring to the town.

"We actually have the highest property taxes in Seneca County. A project like this would certainly provide a certain relief from the tax burden. It would also allow the town to be doing a number of things for its citizens that we have identified, but really don't have the finances to go forward on it," said Robert Seem, Chairman of the Tyre Planning Board.

Those who are opposed to the casino project said that putting a casino in Tyre will change the agricultural community and it isn't in line with the town's comprehensive plan.

"Bring something like this in is completely contrary to that lifestyle that people come here for generations to maintain and nourish," said James Dawley.

According to Wilmorite, the casino could generate $7.8 million annually for the town and county to share.

The Tyre Town Board is expected to vote on the proposal in May.

(Information from in Rochester)