UFC one step closer in its fight to bring MMA to New York

New York's one step closer to bringing mixed martial arts to the state.

The State Senate's Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business approved the law that could bring the fights to arenas across the state.

Mixed martial arts is a popular alternative to boxing, and is headlined by the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been approved to have fights in its famous octagon, in 48 of the 50 states.


ritics of MMA say the fighting is too violent, but supporters say competitions could bring in revenue for the state.

Senator Joseph Griffo

in U
tica is a sponsor of the legislation.

"The UFC has contributed to economic development and job creation in communities around the country and across the world and we are eager to bring that kind of economic development and sports excitement to communities across New York,"
UFC Chairman & CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said.

The law still has several hurdles to jump, before it becomes enacted.