'Unimaginable Horror'-David Renz sentenced to life without parole

Judge Thomas Miller

Today, David Renz stood in court awaiting his sentence of life in prison. A statement from the family of Lori Bresnahan was read. The family thanked the community and law enforcement for their support. The statement went on to say that Lori was a kind-hearted member of her family and they loved her very much. â??Lori will never be forgotten. She was taken too soon and for no reason,â?? the statement read.

A cousin of Lori, Jim Oâ??Hara, talked about what the death of Lori meant to the family. â??I can't image the grief my aunt Mary is feeling at the death of her daughter. Lori grew into a beautiful woman and loving mother. She was a dedicated school librarian. The crime that stole Lori from us was horrifying. When I heard the news it was like someone turned off the heat in my home and in my life,â?? he says. â??I choose not to focus on gruesome details of that night. Thank God for the two good Samaritans that night. I can't image the fear Lori felt that night. The courage it took for Lori to fight back can't adequately be put into words. I truly believe unimaginable evil was present that night. I also believe God was there.â??

He went on to say that the family is thankful that the family was spared a death penalty case.

Judge Thomas Miller expressed his horror at the events that unfolded that night, and had strong words for Renz.

â??Iâ??m so sorry for your loss,â?? Judge Miller says. â??How could this happen? Why? Why would any person do something like this? You (Renz) have brought unimaginable horror to this family. The attack was so heinous. You delivered horror to Lori Bresnahan and that little girl. You stole that girlâ??s innocence and you robbed her of her youth.â?? Judge Miller also said: â??The good Samaritans that night carry the burden of what you did. And they can know this: I will impose the Maximum sentence on you. And one day you will face another judge more powerful than I am. And He will impose the final punishment for this evil."

Defense attorney Ken Moynihan says: â??I know this last 14 months has been hard on the entire community. Nothing I can say can bring satisfaction to them. Mr. Renz has accepted the harshest penalty available under law.â??

"This case has shaken the community," David Renz' defense attorney said in an interview with Michael Benny. "It's shaken me personally. It made me more vigilant with making sure my wife and children are safe."

Moynihan said Renz is ready to accept his punishment. Renz had nothing to say. He accepted his punishment, and also signed a waiver, saying he will not appeal the sentence. The Judge also issued an order of protection for the little girl who Renz raped.

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice said that they were not going to pursue the death penalty in the case against Renz, and instead would sentence him to life in prison without parole.

Renz murdered Lori Bresnahan and raped a 10-year-old girl after he stalked them in the parking lot of Great Northern Mall in March 2013.