UPDATE: Bret Michaels leaving Syracuse

The Bret Michaels tour bus at the Syracuse Regional Market / Photojournalist Chris McGrath

Bret Michaels, and his band, are here in Central New York. But they aren't playing tonight, according to band members. They tell CNY Central they can't put on a show until they are paid and they haven't seen a dime yet. The band says they showed up Thursday to the Regional Market in good faith but will be leaving Syracuse shortly.

Show promoter Mike Banks says ticket sales were low, and less than 1,500 were sold. So he doesn't have the necessary funds to pay the band up front.

This afternoon, Michaels was signing autographs and greeting fans in the parking lot. Fans say they are disappointed they won't see the rocker perform, and are now asking for a ticket refund.

Wednesday, Banks said the show had been postponed, but hadn't released a date for the rescheduling. Earlier Version:

Several tour buses belonging to Bret Michaels are in central New York. They are parked at the Regional Market where the former front man for "Poison" was scheduled to perform tonight. Yesterday we told you that the the promoter behind the concert had postponed the perfomance and had yet to schedule another date. Well he's here now, but what his plans are for the time being we don't know. we have a crew at the regional market, and have been making some calls when we have more we'll pass it along.