Update: Bret Michaels Syr. show rescheduling

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels will not be performing at the Syracuse Regional Market Thursday night, and the other bands scheduled to play will also be rescheduled, but show promoter Mike Banks says he's not using the 'c' word---it's not a cancellation, he says.Banks plans to go to Michaels' concert tonight, to talk about the new Syracuse date. At this point, Banks is not using the 'r' word either---there are no refunds, until the new date is set.

Banks did not give a reason for the postponement, but said it had nothing to do with the artists well-publicized health problems.He also says that ticket sales were hurt by the fact that he could not start promoting til just four weeks ago, and the re-schedule will allow time for more sales.

The show was part of a series of concerts called Market Block Party Thursdays.

The promoter also tells us the August 19th show with Loverboy has been cancelled. He is working on a replacement act for that date as well....and says he intends to present a full season next year.