Update: Investigation continues into death of 6-year-old girl, injury of 14-year-old at Salina home

Deputies are waiting for the medical examinerâ??s report to determine what killed a six-year-old Salina girl and critically injured her 14-year-old brother.

Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Deputies say the childrenâ??s father, 37-year-old Glen Collins, is not under arrest, but is part of the investigation. Collins found the two children, six-year-old Gabriella Collins and 14-year-old Jaden Collins, unconscious when he arrived at the Carlton Drive home. Deputies say he called 911 at about 6:35 Friday morning, but they will not say where he was prior to finding the children. Investigators say Collins has been cooperative with the investigation, and is at the hospital with his son, Jaden, who is listed in critical condition. The childrenâ??s mother was not in the home at the time of the incident, and deputies say the nature of the parentâ??s relationship is unclear. They did not say if the children were home alone.

Investigators say that carbon monoxide poisoning is a possible cause, but they have not ruled out anything at this point. Two deputies who were on the scene were taken to the hospital after complaining of dizziness. They were treated and released.

Investigators also say there is no power at the home. They say that National Grid had cut the power, but they do not know when or for what reason. Investigators also say that code enforcement from the Town of Salina is with investigators at the home today, and have been to the home before.