UPDATE: Police say teen shot and killed left behind a suicide note

6:15pm Update:

NY State Police say they've found a suicide note left behind by 17-year-old Justin Arnold.

Investigators say the message was found on an electric device the teenager owned.

Arnold was shot and killed by Canastota Police on Thursday afternoon after he led them on a chase and exited the vehicle with a pellet gun in his possession.

Alex Dunbar's Friday Report:

State Police are now trying to understand why 17 year old Justin Arnold pointed a pellet gun at police on Thursday before he was shot and killed by the Canastota police chief and a fellow officer.

" We're trying to determine what events may have led up to Justin's actions yesterday. So we're out and about, we're interviewing family, friends, co-workers, anyone who might have had contact with Justin in the last 48 to 72 hours who might have been able to tell us what was going on with him," said Lt. Troy Little from the New York State Police.

State Police believe Arnold made a 911 call reporting a carjacking and told police an armed man was in now driving the car. When police located the car, Arnold was driving it and led them on a short chase. After a few miles, Arnold got out of the car and refused commands to drop his weapon.

On Thursday, a state police spokesman said the officers were definitely authorized to use deadly force.

" They were giving him numerous commands as he was brandishing the weapon. It wasn't until the point where he raised the weapon and pointed right at the police officers that completely forced their hands," said Little.

The incident shocked many people in the Village of Canastota and the mayor says there will be plenty of support for the officers.

" Today they're both on the job they're both performing their duties, they both chose that's what they wanted to do. That's not to downplay their situation but I think at least for the immediate they thought it was best to be around the people they do on an everyday basis," said Mayor Todd Rouse.

There will be counseling available for the officers in the weeks and months ahead.

1:40 p.m. Update:

According to Lt. Troy Little of the New York State Police, the teen killed by police yesterday in the Town of Sullivan is 17-year-old Justin Arnold of Hill Road in Cazenovia.

Lt. Little says Troopers are interviewing family and friends of Arnold to try and determine and understand what led to yesterday's incident. Troopers are saying the two Canastota Police officers were 100% justified in their actions, saying the officers repeatedly demanded Arnold put down his weapon and went above and beyond what would be necessary for using deadly force.

The Madison County District Attorney's office issued a statement Friday morning about the shooting, calling the incident a "devastating tragedy." Once state police wrap up their investigation, the D.A.'s office will look into any further legal action.

The deadly shooting happened Wednesday afternoon on John Peet Road in the Town of Sullivan.

Police say it started with a reported carjacking, which they believe was a false report from the suspect himself. Police think the teen called 911, reporting the car he was driving in as stolen.

That led to a chase just before 3:00 p.m. Thursday and ended on a rural dead-end street called John Peet Road in the Town of Sullivan. Police say the teen pointed, what looked like, a gun at police. Police fired ten rounds, four of them hitting and killing the teen.

Police later determined the teen had a pellet gun.

Thursday night update:

State police are investigating a chain of events that resulted in police shooting a 17-year-old from Madison County.

It all started with a reported carjacking, troopers tell CNY Central that call may have been a false report from the suspect himself. Police believe the 17-year-old made the 911 call reporting the car he was driving in as stolen.

Police began chasing the reported stolen car after it was spotted at the intersection of Route 5 and Peterboro Road just before 3 PM. He refused to pull over for polic e and the chase ended on a rural dead-end street called John Peet Road in the Town of Sullivan.

"He exited the vehicle, was ordered to show his hands. He did not show his hands," said NYS Police Captain Mark Lincoln. Troopers say the suspect then pointed what looked like a hand gun at police. Canastota Police Chief James Zophy, a 17-year veteran, and Officer Sean Barton, on the force for 7 years, fired 10 rounds. Four of the bullets hit the teen. He died at the scene.

We now know that weapon the 17-year-old threatened police with, was a pellet gun. But State Police say the officers did everything by the book.

Police say the car that the suspect initially reported stolen, belongs to one of his family members. "The investigation thus far, has not revealed that this car jacking actually occurred," said Captain Lincoln.

The 17-year-olds name is not being released at this time.

After state police complete the investigation, the case will be turned over to the Madison County District Attorney's Office.

Original Story:

NY State Police say a man is dead after being shot by officers following a carjacking and chase in Madison County.

Police say a call came in to 911 around 3pm from someone saying their vehicle was carjacked. Police spotted a vehicle matching the description and a chase ensued. Canastota and State Police were involved in the chase. They think it started in Sherrill, but they're still putting together the details.

Police say the chase ended in the Town of Sullivan on John Peet Road, which has a dead end. Police say the driver got out and displayed a gun. That's when Canastota Police shot and killed the man.

Right now investigators are trying to determine who called 911.

A press conference is scheduled for later tonight in the City of Oneida.

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