Police set funeral arrangements for baby found dead in dumpster

Nicole DeJaynes

Updated 2:05pm:

Funeral arrangements have been set for a newborn baby found dead in a dumpster.

Liverpool Police say Baby Isabella Marie will be laid to rest on Saturday, March 26th. A funeral service will be held at St. Joseph the Worker Church in Liverpool at 10:00am. The burial will be in Liverpool Cemetery.

The police department named Baby Isabella and took over funeral arrangements after she was found in a dumpster outside an apartment complex on Pearl Street in January. Her mother, Nicole DeJaynes, is charged with second degree murder. The medical examiner's report revealed Isabella was suffocated shortly after she was born.

January 19th:

The baby who was found dead in a dumpster in Liverpool nearly two weeks ago was suffocated to death, according to a report from the County Medical Examiner.

The Onondaga County District Attorney's Office announced Wednesday morning that Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Robert Stoppacher concluded that the baby, nicknamed "Isabella" by local police, was born alive. Stoppacher says the baby died as a result of suffocation.

The DA's Office says that preliminary reports had indicated that result last week, which was the reason behind the arrest of 29-year-old Nicole C. DeJaynes of Liverpool on second degree murder charges. DeJaynes is the mother of the baby.

Prosecutors say they now have a timeline for what they believed happened on the night of Isabella's death. They say the baby was born at the Pearl Street apartment complex where her body was found. DeJaynes was staying there with friends, but prosecutors don't believe anyone else was present at the birth.

Within that timeline, there wasn't much time between the birth and the baby's death. First Chief Assistant D.A. Rick Trufnio says, "We believe, based upon what we know at this point in time, that she discarded the baby in the trash receptacle, or the dumpster as people are calling it, in a short period of time after the baby's birth."

Trunfio also says that New York State Law requires us, when we charge a homicide, to prove a victim was born alive. He says that is why the medical examiner's report is so important to the case.

Prosecutors say they know DeJaynes has one child, and there may be more. The child is staying with the grandmother, and the Department of Social Services is supervising the situation. Trunfio says prosecutors know who the baby's father is, but would not elaborate.

DeJaynes is currently being held in the Onondaga County Justice Center without bail. The DA's Office says the case will now go before an Onondaga County Grand Jury to determine which charges DeJaynes will face at trial. According to the Liverpool Village Court, DeJaynes is next scheduled for an appearance on February 15.

The child was found deceased in a dumpster in the village of Liverpool at around 10:30 p.m. on January 6. The Liverpool Police Department is still moving ahead with plans to hold a funeral for Isabella.

Update 11:30 a.m. Tuesday:

There is still no word yet from the Onondaga County Medical Examiner on the official cause of death of a newborn whose body was found in a dumpster January 6th in the Village of Liverpool.

Pending the results of the autopsy, Nicole DeJaynes, 29, remains in jail without bail. She is facing a charge of 2nd degree murder.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick says if the medical examiner determines the baby was stillborn, the charges against DeJaynes may be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Liverpool police, meanwhile, have named the child Isabella and tend to provide her with a proper funeral after the medical examiner releases the body. Liverpool police Chief William Becker tells CNY Central this morning that he intends to speak with DeJaynes' parents to see if they want to play a role in the baby's burial.

For now, Becker says they are proceeding with the plans to hold a funeral service and bury baby Isabella in the village cemetery. Chief Becker says people have offered donations, but he sees no need at this time.

Becker says police may set up a memorial fund for baby Isabella which would allow people to donate money for various children's causes like the Golisano Children's Hospital at Upstate Medical Center.

Stay with CNY Central for updates throughout the day. We will let you know when the autopsy results are released.

Update: Jan. 17, 5:00 a.m. The Onondaga County District Attorney says he expects to have the medical examiner ruling on a cause of death in the baby 'Isabella' case sometime today or tomorrow.

Police say the baby's mother is Nicole DeJaynes, 29. Right now, she's charged with second degree murder. Depending on what the medical examiner's report says, District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick says he'll either move forward with the second degree murder case against the baby's mother or drop the charges down to a misdemeanor.

On January 6, a man looking for wood in a dumpster outside of a Liverpool apartment complex found the baby's body and called police. The police named the baby Isabella and planned a funeral for her.

Last Friday, Nicole DeJaynes was arrested after being released from a medical facility. Police say she was being treated for complications related to the pregnancy.

DeJaynes was arraigned and is being held without bail.

Neighbors who live near the apartment complex where baby Isabella was found dead say there's still a sense of shock following the arrest of 29-year-old Nicole DeJaynes. Neighbors say signs were up all week asking anyone with information to come forward. The people we spoke with today say it's appalling to hear the mother has been charged with second degree murder.

"It's been kind of bothering me since I found out about it," said Mark Sieklucki. "I'm surprised the mother would do that to her child. I'm just curious as to find out why would she do that, like if there's something wrong or what."

DeJaynes remains at the Justice Center tonight without bail.

UPDATED: January 17, 11:30 a.m.

Police say the woman now charged in the murder of her infant daughter showed no remorse at her court appearance overnight. 29-year-old Nicole DeJaynes, from Liverpool, was arrested after being released from a medical facility, where she was being treated after complications from the pregnancy. Originally, she was to be charged after the medical examiner's findings were complete in the death of the newborn, discovered in a Liverpool apartment dumpster, but the timetable was moved up with her release, because of worries she might be a flight risk.

But police say without explanation or notification to police, DeJaynes was released from that facility. DeJaynes was arraigned before Judge Anthony LaValle. At 11:30 Friday night Judge Lavalle entered a mandatory not guilty plea for DeJaynes. Liverpool Police Chief William Becker said investigators believe she acted alone in committing the crime. Police have not made contact with the father of the baby, but they do not see him as pertinent to the case. The continue to investigate leads to determine exactly what happened. Even though DeJaynes is charged with murder second degree, investigators decline to comment if she was directly involved in putting the newborn into the trash dumpster where she was found, frozen.

Last week's coverage:

Police from several departments held a news conference Friday afternoon to announce that they have identified and located the mother of the baby found dead in a dumpster last week.

Liverpool Police Chief William Becker, along with representatives from several local law enforcement agencies, spoke for approximately 20 minutes about the details surrounding the case. Becker said the mother, whose name has not been released, is a 29-year-old Liverpool resident who was located after police received a dozens of tips calls and emails from the public. Investigators then went door to door tracking down those leads until they were able to come in contact with the mother, who Becker says has been cooperative during the investigation.

Becker refused to comment on what the mother has told police, but says she has been interviewed several times. He said investigators are still following leads in the case, and are looking for other people who may have been involved.

The mother has not been charged with any crimes at this time. Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick, who attended the news conference, says charges depend on a report on the cause of the baby TMs death. That report, from the county medical examiner, is expected soon. Fitzpatrick says the M.E. is looking to find out of the baby was born alive or was stillborn, which would go a long way toward determining any criminal charges. Fitzpatrick says if the child was born alive and was intentionally killed by the mother, his office will charge her with murder in the second degree. If the child was stillborn, he says they TMre dealing with misdemeanor charges.

Becker says the mother is being examined and treated at a local medical facility, but says her condition is not severe. Becker would not comment on if the mother has any other children, nor who was responsible for placing the baby into the dumpster.

I TMm very happy that we have located the mother involved. I TMm very happy that she can receive the medical attention she needs said Becker.

Sheriff Kevin Walsh also attended the news conference, and commented on the shared effort between agencies on this case, including Liverpool Police, State Police, Camillus Police, and the Sheriff TMs Office, among others. Walsh said This was a difficult case, and is a great example of the working relationship of all law enforcement agencies in Onondaga County. He added It was a long, tough effort, but it panned out and worked as it should.

Becker was asked if this case affirmed the state TMs safe haven laws. Becker responded that Different things put different people under stress| that TMs the reason why we have courts.

Becker says the father of the baby, who was named Isabella by police officers, has not yet come forward. He says that Liverpool police plan to go ahead with a funeral for the baby at St. Joseph TMs Church cemetery in Liverpool, unless the mother or other family members want to take care of it.

Original story from early Friday afternoon:

Liverpool Police say they have located the mother of a baby whose body was found in a dumpster in the village last week. Here is the complete news release from the Liverpool Police Department:

Due to the diligent efforts of our investigating Detectives, as well as information provided by the public through our tip lines, the Liverpool Police Department is pleased to report that on 13 January, Detectives were able to locate and confirm the identity of the mother of our victim.

The mother has been identified as a 29-year-old woman who resides in the local area. The identified woman has been interviewed and has provided a statement to the police regarding the incident. Evidence pertaining to the case has also been collected. The woman is currently being examined and treated for medical issues related to the event.

No charges have been filed at this time. Appropriate charges are currently being reviewed and will be based upon the completion of the Medical Examiner TMs final report regarding cause and manner of death, as well as the completed examination of all collected evidence.

Detectives are continuing to follow-up leads to ensure that any and all possible persons involved in this incident are identified.