UPDATE: Popular local restaurant being foreclosed on

Update: A legal notice on indicates the Colorado Mining Company is being foreclosed on, and will be auctioned off October 20th. The foreclosure action is dated September 10th.


A popular local restaurant has closed temporarily, leaving a busy business district with one less restaurant to serve a growing hotel base.

The front doors to the Colorado Mining Company Steakhouse were closed Tuesday morning, and a sign on the door indicated that the building is undergoing renovations. No timetable was given on when the restaurant will reopen.

A person who answered the phone at the restaurant told CNY Central the place was "closed for renovations," but our attempts to contact the management company that owns the restaurant have not provided any answers about whether that is true, or whether the restaurant will open again.

The restaurant, which is located on Buckley Road near 7th North Street in the Town of Salina, is known for its western-themed atmosphere and specializes in steaks and other meaty menu items. Its website, , now redirects to the website of Fresno TMs, another restaurant owned by the same company. Locally, there is a Fresno TMs on Route 11/Brewerton Road in North Syracuse.

Both the Colorado Mining Co. and Fresno TMs Southwest Restaurants & Bars are managed by Galco Management, Inc. of Syracuse. The recorded message when you call that company indicates it is the operator of Colorado Mining and Fresno's, but gives no indication about the future of Colorado Mining.