Urban Outfitters, more Downtown developments

August 19th is opening day for the new Armory Square store

With the new Urban Outfitters in Armory Square almost ready, the store's corporate manager was in Syracuse on Monday, to talk to the Downtown Committee's annual meeting. Todd Swanson says it's not unusual for his store to open the door for other national brands to locate in a community. The new retail outlet is being welcomed by Joel Shapiro, who owns Armory Square's 'Mr. Shop.' Shapiro says he opened another store, 'Bounce,' in expectation of Urban Outfitter's arrival. "Competition is one of the greatest things in the world," he says, "because you're creating a market." Especially in retail, he says shoppers want choices. He calls Urban Outfitters' arrival in Armory Square as significant as when Pastabilities' located there, several years ago, and expects Armory Square will truly turn into a fashion district that draws regionally, far beyond Syracuse and its suburbs.Other Downtown developments: {>}The planned grocery store in the redevelopment of the Dey Brothers building on South Salina Street. The Downtown Committee Executive Director, David Mankiewicz, says the one question always asked by people looking to live downtown is 'where do we shop for food?' {>}CENTRO relocation. Work has now started inside the old Red Cross buildings, which will be demolished to make room for the new bus terminal, moving the bus common center, out of the Fayette-Salina Street intersection.

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