U.S. bacon prices rise after virus kills baby pigs

Vegetarians have nothing to worry about but bacon lovers are probably already seeing higher prices. A mysterious virus new to the U.S. has killed millions of piglets and pork prices are up about 13% over the past year.

Syracuse butcher shop Liehs and Stiegerwald cures it's own bacon but when supply goes down and pork prices go up, owner Chuck Madonna says he has no choice but to raise his prices.

"It actually takes about two and a half weeks to make so we don't have the turnover. I have to prepare ahead of time," said Maddona

Some supermarket shoppers like Stephany Richardson noticed that pork prices had been increasing. Richardson said she was willing to trim the shopping list in other ways but still needed to bring home the bacon.

"It's a staple breakfast item around our house and although we don't like the prices, we'll have to pay them," said Richardson.

Others shoppers said higher priced bacon might become more of a special buy instead of a regular option.

"It's out of our control,but we still like it.Unfortunately, it's a luxury now," said McGlory.

The pork industry has committed $1.7 million dollars to studying the disease but until a vaccine is developed and allowed by the FDA, pork prices may stay stubbornly high.