US Marshals searching for serial rapist

The United States Marshals Service is searching for a fugitive in central New York who poses an extreme danger to the community.

Robert W. Blainey, 45, was arrested and convicted of rape in 1984 for forcibly raping a female under the age of 11.

While on parole in 1988, Blainey was arrested for rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment. He was convicted of first degree rape.

Blainey is wanted by New York State Division of Parole for absconding from parole supervision.

The United States Marshals Service says that Blainey poses an extreme danger to the community due to his history of violent sexual assault history.

Blainey has friends and family in the Utica/Rome are as well as parts of Onondaga County, says the United States Marshals Service.

"Speaking with his parole officer, he was apparently doing well on parole right up to when he absconded. So when we say he's dangerous, it's a result of what his criminal history is not we believe information that he's out re-offending but his criminal history makes him a danger to the community," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Jamie Farrington.

Multiple school districts in the Utica area have stepped up their security as the marshals search for Blainey. In New Hartford, the school district used a messaging service to alert parents and have asked police to monitor elementary school dismissals. Teachers and other school staff have also been asked to take precautions.

"We still have sports teams that play after school and we want to be sure like for cross country for example we don't have straggling runners running by themselves and that they stay within sight of the coach and they keep together. We don't have any indication that there is any threat or danger to our students - these are just precautions," said New Hartford Assistant Superintendent Vincent Condro.

Many Utica parents were on edge on Tuesday. Christina Shephard planned to keep a close eye on their young children while the marshals searched for Blainey.

"W atch your kids - you never know what could happen. J ust to keep your kids safe - lock them in the house," said Shephard.

The United States Marshals New York and New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force is looking for your assistance in locating Blainey.

Description: Robert W. Blainey, is a 45-year-old while male. He is 5 TM9 and weights 170 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair. Blainey has scars on his left ring and middle fingers and on his left shoulder. Blainey also has a tattoo of a rose on his left shoulder.

If you see Blainey, do not approach him " call 911 or NY/NJ RFTF Tipline at (315) 690-1834. Calls will be kept confidential.

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