Utica area viewers lose WKTV due to contract dispute

Viewers in the Utica area will no longer see NBC broadcasting on Time Warner Cable.

At midnight, WKTV, the NBC affiliate in Utica, was pulled from Time Warner due to an unresolved contract dispute. That's according to WKTV's website.

The station says it won't happen all at once. Some people are still able to tune in, but the majority of the viewing area is now getting NBC programming out of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

According to WKTV, Smith Media, which owns the station, says Time Warner refuses to pay fair value for WKTV's programming which includes local news, and network news, entertainment and sports programs.

This does not impact viewers who watch the station with an antenna or have Dish Network.

Already, viewers are sounding off on this on the station's website. One writes, "WKTV blew it. Most of us just want NBC programming and we still get that. If we want WKTV, we will use the website, if we want NBC we will watch Time Warner channel 4 or 863."

Another said, "Both sides are wrong and have 1 thing in common...greed...just remember WKTV when you need us we will only be there for you like you were for us...and TW it should be illegal to refuse to carry local programming...both know they are the only game in town so they treat the public like ****...shame on both of you...the airwaves belong to the public not private companies...thanks for the holiday both suck."