Utica beefs up Halloween patrols with missing rapist at-large

Robert Blainey

With a sex offender on the loose and believed to be in the area, the city of Utica is beefing up patrols Monday for Halloween.

Trick-or-treaters in Utica can expect to see U.S. Marshals assisting Utica Police day and night on Monday, according to Utica Mayor David Roefaro. He says the increased patrols come as a convicted rapist remains at-large.

45-year-old Robert Blainey is a level three sex offender. He was convicted of raping a young girl in 1984. Four years later, while he was on parole, he was convicted of raping two women.

Blainey was released from prison in 2009 and recently failed to report to his parole supervisor. He has not been found since.

Multiple school districts in the Utica area have stepped up their security as Marshals search for Blainey. On Monday, when kids hit the streets to trick-or-treat, Marshals will help police during prime trick-or-treating hours.

"While parents should always worry about their children on Halloween, they can count on our plan for tomorrow" Roefaro said in a statement to the media on Sunday. "Kids will be safe and parents informed."

Roefaro says he cannot release the patrol plan, but Marshals say they believe Blainey is in the Utica area. He is considered extremely dangerous. If you see him, police say you should not approach him. Instead, call 911.

Mayor Roefaro has written to the State Division of Criminal Justice Services in hopes of bringing about a state law that would allow authorities to track level 3 sex offenders for life. "I believe we should be tracking them for life, whether it's an ankle bracelet or some way." When asked if such a measure would violate the sex offender's rights, Roefaro replied, "Just because they've served ther capacity of parole doesn't mean they've earned the public trust... (they) violated so many other people's rights. So they need to be tracked."

Would you support a GPS tracking system for high risk sex offenders?