Utica building imploded on Sunday morning

Utica's Fay Road Warehouse was brought down early Sunday morning, as part of a highway project.

Just seconds after 7am on Sunday morning, explosives charges brought down Utica's old Fay Road warehouse. A crowd gathered not far away and heard 13 bangs, then seconds later a puff of smoke as the old building came down.

The implosion went without a hitch, though when the dust settled, they discovered that some of the debris had fallen onto nearby roads, and according to DOT's Jim Piccola, it's taken a little longer than expected to ensure that all nearby roads and bridges are safe.

The all-clear was given at 10am, for people who live near the implosion site. Utica City Hall had opened up a rest area for them to wait it out, though some spectators gathered nearby to watch, and take pictures, of the building coming down.

The old warehouse was taken down to make room for reconstructing the North South Arterial, with that work expected to get underway this summer.

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