Utica man arrested for robbing Salvation Army employee at local bank

Jovan Mullenax arrested

Utica Police were able to quickly make an arrest after a man robbed a Salvation Army employee making a bank deposit Saturday night. 23 Year old Jovan Mullenax of Utica robbed a woman attempting to make the deposit at the Adirondack Bank at 185 Genesee Street at around 7:45 PM.

Soon after the robbery, arriving officers sent out a physical description of the male suspect. Two officers stopped a person matching the description minutes later in the GPO Federal Credit Union parking lot.

Mullenax attempted to run from the officers but he was quickly taken into custody. The victim positively identified him and her bank deposit bag was found hidden in his waistband.

He was charged with robbery and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Mullenax was allegedly in possession of several envelopes of heroin at the time of his arrest.