Utica man arrested for severe neglect of his mother

Andrew Hillage

A 62-year old Utica woman had to be treated for critical injuries after police say her son insisted on signing her out of a nursing home and brought her home, then neglected her serious health condition.

Authorities arrested Andrew Hillage, 25, of Jason Street in Utica and charged him with endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person. The mother had suffered a stroke and was unable to care for herself. After signing her out of a nursing home, police say Hillage started dating a woman, and spent long periods of time away from his mother and failed to properly care for her.

Utica Police say as a result of the neglect, the mother, "sustained skin breakdown and open wounds, which lead to an infection to both her lower legs, a rash to her abdomen and hypothermia." Police did not reveal how they became aware of the situation, but did say Hillage's mother required hospitalization in the critical care unit of a local hospital.