Utica man found high on 'bath salts' charged after giving police his brother's name

Duane Nichols

A Utica man who was arrested after he was allegedly found high on â??bath saltsâ?? is in more trouble with the law after police say he gave them his brotherâ??s name instead of his own.

Utica Police tell CNY Central that around 8:00 p.m. Saturday they were called to the Radisson Hotel on Genesee Street for a report of a man who had locked himself in a women's bathroom for two hours. When police entered the bathroom they found 30-year old Duane Nichols, of Mary Street in Utica, who appeared disoriented and had broken the bathroom light. Police say they found two hypodermic needles and 'bath salts' in Nichols' possession.

Monday, Utica Police released an update that upon his arrest Saturday night Nichols had originally given officers the name and address of his brother, David, as his own.

In addition to the original charges of trespassing and misdemeanor criminal mischief, Duane Nichols also now faces charges of felony forgery and misdemeanor criminal impersonation for allegedly providing false information to the police and forging his brother's name.

Police say an unidentified person called them and reported the false identity after seeing Duaneâ??s photo on the departmentâ??s Facebook page.