Utica Police search for missing baby in wooded area near the Mohawk River

Utica Police conducted a fourth search operation for missing Levon Wameling, now 11-months-old, who was reported missing in June.

Utica Police, New York State Police and the FBI searched a wooded area in North Utica on Wednesday morning. The search area was a one-square mile area encompassing a little-used access road between a barge canal the Mohawk River.

Previous searches near the childâ??s home, a marshy area of Utica, and a wooded area of Marcy have not turned up anything.

Utica Police Sgt. Steve Hauck says Wednesday's search was based on information obtained from a tip that came in a week ago.

Hauck says they did not find anything related to the case.

According to Levonâ??s father, 27-year-old Jevon Wameling, the child was last seen on the front porch of his 748 Jay Street home in Utica on May 29.

At the search site Wednesday, Amy Warney, the child's mother, told CNY Central that she wants to know where her child is and believes her ex-boyfriend, the boy's father, Jevon, knows where he is. Warney says she doesn't speak often with Jevon Wameling, and says they are no longer in a relationship.

Warney says she has not given up hope that somehow Levon could still be alive. At this point, she says she just wants closure.

Warney says her family is planning a "Celebration of Life" service for Levon, whose 1st birthday is August 30.

Sgt. Hauck says the Utica Police Department is determined to keep searching until they find out what happened to Levon.

Jevon Wameling did not notify police about the missing child until two weeks after he allegedly last saw Levon. Wameling told the Utica Observer-Dispatch

that he waited to go to police

because he did not want to tip off the kidnapper and he was skeptical that investigators would help him.

Anyone with any information that may help in the investigation is asked to call Utica Police at 315-735-3301.

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