Utica Police still following up on leads nearly 6 weeks after baby boy disappeared

It has been nearly six weeks since nine-month


old Levon Wameling went missing, but many living in the city of Utica continue to pray for his safe return.

Lorenzo Hudson and his wife Lisa wonder how the baby went missing in the first place.

"The father should have never left him out there by himself. He waited two weeks to call the police. I


m thinking, what kind of a father are you," says Hudson.

Although Utica police are following up on every lead, Sgt. Steve Hauck hopes the father, Jevon Wameling, will come forth and speak with police.

"We invite him to reach out to us with an attorney present. To me, the most important person in a missing person case is the person who last saw them, and in this case, it's the father," says Hauck.

After hearing the news about Levon,
Brittany Moselle and Kenneth Kistner took their two-month old baby girl and moved from their home on Jay Street which was a few blocks away from the Wameling home. The couple says their fear of losing their daughter drove them to pack their things and relocate.

"That's why I moved out. I didn't want him to take my baby," says Moselle.

While this community remains hopeful, neighbors are holding their own children a little closer, as they pray for Levon's safe return.

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