Utica streetcorners get sandy in preparation for Sandy


he South Utica area near Roosevelt Drive has seen heavy floods in the past, as just last year, Hurricane Irene, wreaked havoc, causing massive flooding and even some damage to homes in the neighborhood.

Much like the rest of the Northeast, Utica prepared for the massive storm this weekend, deploying sandbags on street corners in the Roosevelt Drive neighborhood, trying to prevent more flooding, and reassuring some residents.

"The area down here tends to get flooded," Chad Tooke, who lives in the area, says. "We're grateful to the mayor and to the city for actually being proactive and getting the sandbags ready."

With the sandbags in mind for the possible rain, the wind and possible power outage factor was also on residents' minds this weekend, as they prepared in their own way.

"I bought a lot of water, canned goods, and non perishables," Robin Shorter, who was walking a dog in the neighborhood today, says. "If you keep everything in the freezer and something happens, everything's going to spoil anyways, and if the power goes out you can't cook it anyways, I just worry about flooding and stuff like that."

Whether it is the winds or the flood, Utica and the rest of the Northeast will have to wait and see what kind of punch Sandy packs.