Utica Whip cream theft stirs concern about 'whipits' danger

Adam Owens / Courtesy: Utica Police

Twin brothers are accused of stealing whip cream canisters from a Utica Price Chopper and using them to get high.

Utica police say 28-year-olds Adam and William Owens, of Grant Street, went to the Price Chopper on Genesee Street, took whip cream canisters and used them to get high by inhaling their contents.

The brothers are both charged with petit larceny, a misdemeanor.

The practice, known as whipits, is a concern for police. It involves shooting air from the can into the mouths or nose and inhaling. Some use it as an easy way to get high. Utica police are asking parents to watch their kids, saying this can be a very dangerous way to get high.

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