Utica woman arrested for faking doctors' notes to employer

LaShane Page / photo: UPD

Could you be arrested for forging a note from your doctor? Well that happened to Central New York one woman this week.

Utica Police tell CNY Central that on Wednesday an investigator arrested 42-year-old LaShane Page of Utica and charged her with two counts of misdemeanor criminal possession of a forged instrument, and one count of falsifying business records.

Police say Page allegedly forged notes from her doctor to stay out of work. She then gave those notes to her employer, the Utica Community Health Center on Oneida Street, which is a division of St. Elizabeth TMs Medical Center.

Police say Page was fired from her job.

This story begs the question: Should the police be involved when a worker allegedly pretends to be sick? Or should this just be a matter between employer and employee? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.