Vatican rules in favor of St. Mary's Church

There's new hope for a closed church in Jamesville as the news they've been praying for comes from Rome Tuesday.

The Vatican's highest court has ruled in favor of St. Mary's Church finding the church cannot be deconsecrated, and must be maintained as a Catholic worship site.

"We are excited, very excited." said Helen Nelson. "The tears are already rolling."

However, the decision is not a simple one. There are still many details to be worked out. Right now, there are still "No Trespassing" signs up at the locked church. Parishioners will have to wait to find out if and when the building will reopen.

The news was a God send for Mary Jean Swan, her family helped build this church. "We just jumped up and down with joy," she said.

St. Mary's was closed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse in 2007. Parishioners held constant vigils inside the building until it was locked up in 2008. Since then, they have held several prayer services outside, and held a prayer vigil last Friday ahead of the Vatican hearing. All along, parishioners argued St. Mary's was thriving and financially stable.

A spokesperson says the Syracuse Roman Catholic Diocese has not received any paperwork yet from the Vatican about the ruling. Danielle Cummings says the appeal is between St. Mary's and Rome.

St. Mary's parishioners expect to receive all the details of this decision within the next few weeks and say they are still cautiously optimistic that they'll be worshipping in their church again soon.