Vegetable prices skyrocket due to freezing temperatures out west

Vegetables are increasing in price


egetables across the country are skyrocketing in price. Not only will they be increasing, but they may be vanishing for the time being as well. The recent freezing temperatures out west in California, Arizona and Mexico have been the root to these vegetables increase.

Mike Braga is the Executive Chef for Dolce Vita in Syracuse. "I tried to order asparagus yesterday from one of our vendors and the price had more than doubled," said Braga.

Serving up asparagus isn't the only concern of his.

"Because we have that on our menu, it's not like we can just re-print all our menus and stop serving it. We can't charge sixteen dollars for a salad it's unreal," Braga said.

Romaine lettuce prices have tripled in recent weeks leading to these extreme prices in salads.

It wasn't any different outside of the restaurant than it was in the grocery store.

"Being a vegetarian myself, in vegetables I've noticed the prices going up," says Alexandra Plevritis.

With tough economic times already, Alexandra doesn't need to open her pockets any wider.

"A dollar ninety nine for one red pepper or a green pepper, I just really wish that they would lower the prices," said Plevritis