Vernon Downs hopeful to get tax relief

Vernon Downs hopeful to get tax relief

VERNON, NY -- Vernon Downs Raceway Hotel and Casino announced it's planning to shut its doors for good by the end of the year, if a tax relief bill does not pass the New York State Assembly by next week.

The Overends have been betting on the horses for almost 30 years.

"Well we actually come out here as sort of a date night for us and we like hanging out here between that and the casino," added Roger Overend of Cicero.

They were devastated to hear Vernon Downs will close the casino, Champions Buffet, Ring Eyed Pete’s and Triple 777 Café by September, 2017 then the racetrack by November 2017.

"Oh we'll miss this place, I mean like I said it's a nice venture and hopefully everything will be straightened up and they don't close this place down because they can use it out here it's really nice out here," said Overend.

Chairman of American Racing and Entertainment, Jeff Gural, said he made the announcement to give a fair warning to the employees after the decision stalled.

"I feel bad for my employees having to live on edge but they've been terrific and I made it clear to just give me another week and we will get this resolved," explained Gural.

Gural also said he will be shocked if this does not get passed by the assembly after all the work put in to have the Senate on board with the tax relief bill.

"I can't imagine that anybody would not vote to keep 300 people employed in an area that we are in," added Gural.

As for the Overends and many other fans of the track and casino, they hope to keep coming back for date night.

"I just hope they work it out and everything works fine and they can keep this place continuing," said Overend.

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