Verona teachers create viral video to put a positive spin on standardized testing

Teachers at JD George Elementary School in Verona make a music video to encourage students during state tests.

While hundreds of students across the state opt out in protest, some teachers at JD George Elementary School in Verona are taking a positive approach to standardized testing.

They made a youtube video to the tune of Taio Cruz's pop hit "dynamite", encouraging their kids to relax as they take state tests this week. Principal Kimberly LeBlanc says it's helping students relax so they can perform their best.

"We just want to let them know we're proud of them. I'm proud of all the teachers and all the hard work they've done. And it's our kids showing what they know," says LeBlanc.

Music Teacher Melinda Feldmann and Speech Therapist Pamela Donnelly sing in the video.

"Music has a unique ability to lower the stress level for anyone at any age and I think it was a great way to help our kids reduce their stress before the test," says Feldmann.

"The kids every time you see them in the hall they say i love your video! You're such a rockstar. So it's fun to see them react like that," says Donnelly.

The music video is part of an overall theme at JD George Elementary where teachers and staff are encouraging their kids to do the best on these tests. Posted throughout the hallways are positive signs and then throughout the day they're given treats and other incentives to keep them feeling good.

Third grade teacher, Mary Kay McAndrew says it's a good opportunity to teach the kids an important life lesson about being positive.

"There's always going to be challenges. And this test certainly was challenging. But you can't give up because it's challenging. You can't not prepare because it's challenging," says McAndrew.