Victim assails North Syracuse School District's anti-bullying policy

With a crowd of supporters behind her, a 13 year old victim of an alleged bully called upon the North Syracuse School Board Monday night to take action to protect her.

Last June, Tschopp was viciously attacked inside a classroom at Roxboro Road Middle School in the presence of a teacher and a school administrator. The girl suffered a concussion from the incident and continues to receive medical treatment. Though the female student who attacked her was suspended, she' s due to return to the same school later this month. So Anna Tschopp along with many supporters called upon the board to have her attacker expelled.

Speaking before the school Board, Tschopp chastised the district. "I shouldn't be the one who's education is affected. You're not enforcing the thing you say. You can have as many assemblies and preach about how bullying is bad, it's not making much of a difference." she said to a loud applause.

Under freedom of information, CNY Central obtained a copy of the police report written by the school resource officer. It's been heavily redacted to protect the identities of the students.

According to the report, it started as an argument in which Anna allegedly called the other girl a "ghetto bitch" The girl left the room and called her mother. According to the police report, the girl said "my mother told me that I could beat her ass." She then re-entered the classroom and attacked Anna Tschopp. After the teacher pulled her off, Associate Principal Linda Jackson seemed to calm the girl down. But when she was released Anna was attacked again. When taken into custody by the resource officer, the girl bragged about what she had done.

Anna's version is that the girl had a reputation of bullying and threatening other students. Tschopp says during the argument she told the girl to "sit your ghetto ass down."

After her appearance before the school board, Tschopp told reporters, "I would like for my attacker to be expelled but I know that's not going to happen. I just want to be able to feel safe."

North Syracuse School Board members refused to respond to the Tschopp family's call for them to expel the alleged bully. Superinten


ent Kim Dyce Faucette did tell CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that the district continues to take bullying seriously and continues to work to ensure the safety of all students.