Victim pepper sprayed in Ithaca robbery attempt


thaca police are looking for
one of the suspects in an attempted robbery they say ended with the victim being pepper sprayed.

The man tells police that as he walked on the 400 block of W. State St. he was approached by three males who attempted and threatened to rob and assault him.

The victim says one person in the group swung a knife at him, while another sprayed him with pepper spray from something resembling a water gun.

The victim says as he tried to run away the group tried to repeatedly trip him.

He says they continued until they approached a group of people near the west end of the Ithaca Commons.

The victim says the suspects then took off.

Some good citizens then helped the man into a local business where he was able to start to decontaminating from the pepper spray.

The victim then spoke to police, who stopped the two teen victims a short time later.

After the victim positively identified the teens they were taken in custody. Since they are juveniles their names are not being released.

Police are still looking for the adult who was involved. Any

one with information
is asked to contact the Ithaca Police Department Investigations Division.