Victim TMs family speaks out: Daughter doesn TMt believe assisted suicide story

Jennifer R. Riesel / NYS Police

The daughter of Francis Nelson does not believe that her father TMs death was an assisted suicide.

Francis Nelson was found dead with his hands and feet bound on September 27. A Little Falls farmer found Nelson TMs body on a seasonal farming road near an abandoned car with the keys still in the ignition.

Police arrested Jennifer R. Riesel, for the second degree murder of Nelson. Riesel told police that Nelson offered her $180,000 to run him over because he was terminally ill.

Francis Nelson TMs daughter Chrissy Nelson does not believe Riesel TMs story. She told the Syracuse Post-Standard there is no way her father would choose such a horrible death.

Troooper Jack Keller said that no money ever changed hands ands that Nelson's back accounts were all in order with no sign of thievery. Toxicology test results aren't yet available, but Keller said there was no evidence Nelson suffered from a serious or terminal illness and nothing indicating he was despondent.

"It's still being looked into, but we have no reason to believe he was suicidal," Keller said. "He was well-liked in the community and hardworking."

Riesel is being held in the Herkimer County Jail, without bail, on a second-degree murder charge.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this story.)