Video of brutal Oswego fight goes viral after posted to Facebook

Screen shot of the fight from the video posted on Facebook

Oswego police made an arrest after learning of a video that showed two teenage girls fighting. The fight happened in the middle of a street in front of a crowd. One adult spectator stood out for appearing to egg on the fight. Police identified the adult as 40-year-old Amie Loughrey. She was arrested and charged with harrassment and child endangerment.

Police are still reviewing the tape to see if any other bystanders committed crimes. Loughrey will be in court later this month. If convicted, she faces up to a year in jail.

Police didn't identify the aggressor in the video because of her age. But the girl commented on the fight video which has been posted on Facebook, saying that it was her and the woman allegedly encouraging her was her mother.

Loughrey took to Facebook to defend herself, saying (sic) "I just got out of jail for endangering the welfare of a child and harrasment in the 2nd for letting my 15 year old daughter defend her self against 12 to 15 teenage girls her age and big josh...ur dam right i stood by and made sure 12 girls diid not jump my daughter while THEY took video witch ended up prooving my inocents".

Loughrey went on to to give a warning. "So be prepared the next time YOU protect ur child from a gang of 12 other girls and protect your own property YOU WILL BE ARESSTED! You have no rights to protect your children or your own property but you best belive i am 100% right in what i did and will fight to superior court IF I HAVE TOO!!!!"

When the head of the Anti-Bullying Brigade of NY, Cynthia Roundy, saw the video, she said it was important for parents to set a good example for their child.

"The parents are going to want to protect the child, but they have to do it in the appropriate don't follow this woman's path where she turned her daughter into a bully," says Roundy.

We called Loughrey for comment but didn't get an answer.