Video shows Cornell professor berating students over loud yawn

A Cornell University professor is receiving some notoriety after a video of him chastising his class for a loud yawn was posted on YouTube.

In late October, Professor Mark Talbert of the School of Hotel Administration was giving a lecture in his business computing class when a student can be heard yawning in the background. In the video, Talbert can be seen stopping the lecture and demanding to know who was responsible for the yawn, his tone increasing in anger as no students come forward. He eventually gives up and goes back to his lecture, but not before issuing a stern warning on classroom etiquette to a mostly silent auditorium.

The incident has been slowly making the rounds on various websites and blogs, even coming to the attention of national sites like the Huffington Post.

Click on the video player below to watch the incident.

When reached for comment, a Cornell University spokesperson says the school is aware of the video and incident and, the hotel school is investigating. The school says it cannot comment on Professor Talbert's current status.

So what do you think should happen? Should Professor Talbert be reprimanded for his actions? Was he right to reprimand his students for the loud yawn? Or was he just having a bad day? Leave a comment below and vote in our poll and let us know what you think.