Vigil held after teen's sudden death

Amid the tears Wednesday night at Sean Gronau's candlelight vigil, were moments of laughter.

"His smile that's what I miss the most. Even when he was getting yelled at he would say don't worry Mom," said his mother Kellie Gronau.

The 17-year-old was tragically killed Monday night in a car crash, when the pick-up truck he was riding in collided with a truck holding corn on the side of the road. Troopers say it was partially parked in the driving lane, and are investigating whether it had the proper warning signs on it.

On the side Peter Scott Road in Pennellville, you can still see evidence of the crash. Skid marks from the tires, and corn all over the ground which poured out of the farm-truck after the crash. Now, a memorial sits there in honor of Sean. A cross is draped with his sweatshirt and hat, and there are reminders of what he loved to do like hunt and ride dirt bikes. Heartfelt notes from family and friends can also be read, detailing what they'll miss the most.

"He was a funny guy, he really was, and I just can't believe he's gone now," said friend Robert Livingston.

"His little jokes, his attitude, the way he talked, the way he smelled. The way he got into trouble," said his sister Autumn Gronau. And the boy who was bursting with life, will give the gift of life to countless others by donating his organs. "That was his thing, to help out people. And you what you give, you get back," said Autumn.

"Maybe one day, the person who has Sean's eyes will look me in the eyes and tell me how much they can see," said his mother Kellie. "I love him and I miss him, I miss him horrifically."

The crash is still under investigation. The driver of the truck Sean was riding in, Eric Wilsey, was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.