Vigil held for missing Utica baby

Family and friends gathered on Monday night outside the home of Levon Wameling at 748 Jay Street in Utica.

The 9-month-old baby was reported missing on June 11, and was last seen on May 29.

Levon's mother, Amy Warney, helped to organize the vigil, and believes her son will come home safely.

"Someone's gonna hand him over, I hope," said Warney. "I have faith that we'll find him."

Dozens brought candles and prayer beads to pray for the infant's safe return.

"I believe he's still alive," said Anna Vinci, Levon's godmother and aunt. "I think he's being hid somewhere. And we just want him home. He deserves to be home with his mom and his brother and his sister."

"I'm really hoping it's as simple as, you know, he [Jevon Wameling] left the baby and somebody's just keeping him because he left his baby by himself."

Levon's family hoped the vigil would help them find out more information. "Maybe somebody might've seen him," said Levon's godmother, Lizette Santos. "Maybe somebody knows or maybe might've heard something. We just wanna bring Levon home, and we miss him."

Levon's father, Jevon Wameling, was noticably absent from the vigil, making loved ones concerned.

"He doesn't show no emotions," said Warney. "He walks around the neighborhood like everything's okay, that he doesn't have a child or that a child isn't missing."

'I can't imagine a parent not wanting to find their own child, not having love enough for their child to be out here searching," said family friend Jennifer Dutcher.

The Utica Police Department is still looking for Levon Wameling, and has now enlisted the help of volunteers as the search continues.