Vigil held for Rashaad Walker, Jr.

More than a dozen people came out in the snow Sunday night to remember the life of 20-month-old Rashaad Walker, Jr.

The toddler was killed a week ago while sitting in a mini van on Coolidge Avenue. Police say he was not the target of the gang related shooting, but caught in the crossfire.

Tonight, people struggled with the question many have been asking all week: how can we stop the senseless violence in Syracuse? People were fed up with the fact their children are afraid to walk down their own street. Even the youngest in attendance said the violence needs to stop now.

"It's sad how little kids just can't walk around and how people don't have a chance to at least see their future," said Shardaica Knight, 16. "Like us, as teens, are the future for ourselves and our kids and the next generation after that. It doesn't always have to be violence, you can talk things out as a person."