Village elections on Tuesday: Should they be in March?

Tuesday is village election day in New York State. But there's a push to have all elections in November, to save taxpayer money

New York State villages have the option of holding elections in March, June or November.

Several hold their elections tomorrow (March 21), but there are efforts to get them all moved to the 'big' election day in November.

Onondaga County's Democratic Elections Commissioner, Dustin Czarny, has made it his pet project to get village boards of trustees to change their dates. He points out that typically the 'off time' elections have very low voter turnout.

Czarny also says that the March and June elections are expensive. Among those voting tomorrow, the Village of Manlius. the Board of Election is handling all the elements for the village, and he estimates it will cost them $15- to 17-hundred dollars: $400 to use and program the electronic voting machine, plus a stand by technician, election inspectors and the required legal ad. Some villages use paper ballots, but there are concerns about the way they are drawn up: Elbridge (which is also voting tomorrow) had to throw out ballots on technicalities in a recent village election, according to Czarny.

The Commissioner has been meeting with trustees, suggesting that moving the village elections would not only save money, but also increase voter interest and participation. Some in Onondaga County have moved their dates.

The moving process is alll up to the Board of Trustees, and takes three separate steps. A public vote on the move is optional. It's too late to change this year's dates, but Czarny says the process takes about six months, so there's plenty of time before next year's Village election dates.

Tomorrow, polls are generally open from noon to 9pm in villages holding elections. Check with your village for polling place and other voting information.

  • Onondaga County: Tuesday: Elbridge, Fabius, Jordan, Manlius, Minoa & Skaneateles June 20: Liverpool, North Syracuse. November 7: Camillus, East Syracuse, Solvay, Tully
  • Madison County: Tuesday: Earlville. June 20: Cazenovia & Hamilton
  • Oneida County: Camden, New York Mills, Waterville
  • Cortland County: Tuesday: Homer, Marathon, McGraw
  • Tompkins County: Cayuga Heights, Dryden, Groton
  • Cayuga County: Aurora, Cayuga, Fair Haven

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